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ESIC Services

The Employees' State Insurance Corporation was established by the Employees' State Insurance Act of 1948 to oversee ESI.

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ESIC Services

After a company writes for ESI, it must submit regular reports. ESI consultants provide all services required by the Indian government's ESI regulation. If you are looking for an ESI consultant in your area, Sri Balaji Tax Services Expert for ESI consultants in Hyderabad can help.


Registered workers and their families are eligible for various social security benefits via ESI consultants in Hyderabad.
Among these advantages are:
➔  ESIC's extensive medical benefits program covers all workers and their families.
➔  Employees are entitled to monetary compensation when they are temporarily unable to work due to a job-related accident or sickness.
➔  Women who work for the company are eligible for maternity benefits, including time off work with pay. This benefit helps them out while expecting and after the baby is born.
➔  When an employee cannot work because of illness, ESIC consultants in Hyderabad provide financial support through sick pay.
➔  Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) will give a monthly benefit to an employee and their family if the employee becomes permanently disabled due to an accident or sickness sustained on the job.
➔  Assistance for Dependents: If an employee is killed on the job, their family members will get financial aid from ESIC.

Eligibility for ESIC Registration

➥  Within 15 days of the ESIC consultants in Hyderabad plan being applicable, every non-seasonal factory or firm with more than ten workers (in certain states, 20 employees) who earn up to Rs. 21,000/- per month must register with the ESIC.
➥  The employer's contribution under this plan is 3.25 percent of the employee's total monthly compensation for the year, while the employee's contribution is just 0.75 percent. Only employees earning less than Rs. 176/- per day are excused from making a daily contribution.

Tips for Applying for ESIC Benefits

➥  Employees may use ESIC consultants in Hyderabad benefits at any hospital or clinic that accepts ESIC patients.
➥  ESIC plays a crucial role in protecting the well-being of workers and their families by providing critical social security benefits.
➥  Employers and workers qualified for ESIC coverage should enroll in the program and reap its many benefits.

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How to Apply for ESIC Online

Manual registration was used in the past. Registration for the ESIC may now be done entirely online. The process of becoming ESI PF registration consultants in Hyderabad member includes the following steps:
●  The employer is responsible for registering oneself on the ESI PF registration consultants in Hyderabad website.
●  Use the Employer Login tab from the main menu to create an account on the ESIC site as an employer.
●  Employers may sign up by clicking the "Sign up" button, then filling out, and submitting the form that appears.
●  An email and text message will be sent to the registered mail id and mobile number provided by the employer when the form for portal registration has been submitted.
●  The email will provide the login information needed to join the ESI PF registration consultants in Hyderabad plan as an employer or employee.
●  Click the 'Employer Login' link on the main page of the ESIC consultant in Hyderabad site and enter the username and password sent to you in the email.
●  Then, choose an option under 'Type of Unit' and hit the 'Submit' button.
●  To register as an employer, an 'Employer Registration - Form 1' will pop up.
●  Employer information, factory/establishment information, and employee information must all be included on the Employer Registration Form-1 (ESI Registration Form).
●  Once the ESIC consultant in Hyderabad Form (Form-1) has been submitted, the 'Payment of Advance Contribution' page will load, allowing the employer to enter the amount due and the payment method.
●  After an employer has paid the required six months' advance contributions to the ESIC consultant in Hyderabad, the system will create a Registration Letter (C-11) with a 17-digit Registration Number.
●  Employer registration is valid with the Registration Letter (C-11).

Why Choose Us?

We have an extensive understanding of the ESI PF consultants in Hyderabad and its corresponding rules, making us specialists in Employee State Insurance (ESI). Regarding ESIC compliance and accessing the numerous benefits available under the ESIC plan, they give invaluable information and help to employers and workers.

Consulting Services Provided by ESIC

As committed ESIC advisors, we aim to help companies and workers make the most of their ESIC coverage. Among the many things we provide, you'll find:

Help with ESIC Registration: We guide businesses through the steps necessary to register with the ESIC and enroll their eligible workers in the program.

We help businesses enroll their workers in PF Consultants In Hyderabad by providing enrollment guidance and ensuring all paperwork is in place.

Our advisers explain the many ESIC advantages to workers, including medical coverage, cash payments in the event of sickness or disability, leave pay during pregnancy, and more.

Help with Claims Processing: We walk workers through the claims process, ensuring they have all the information they need to file a successful claim.

Our staff helps businesses prepare for ESIC audits and inspections, ensuring they're in full compliance with all applicable rules.

Changes to ESIC Laws: We update our customers on any new shop license registration laws so they may remain up to speed and prevent legal entanglements.


Please provide a complete list of all current employees, including their names, Aadhaar or PAN numbers, bank account information, identity documents, dates of appointment and termination, positions held, salaries, and other benefits.

It is now evident that the ESI PF consultants in Hyderabad Scheme were created to offer employees medical, financial, and other advantages in contrast to the EPF. Alternatively, EPF is a social security program that lets workers put away a portion of their pay for future benefits.

ESI is required by law in a non-seasonal factory with more than ten workers, but only for employees with annual salaries of less than 21,000.

The amount of ESI PF consultants in Hyderabad given to workers is a percentage of their total wage. The ESI Act mandates that the employer and the employee pay 3.25 percent of their salary to a contributing fund that is used to insure workers in times of need.

Once you stop paying into Employee State Insurance, your benefits will expire. If they make their next ESI payment within six months, their card will remain active for another six months.
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