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Food License Registration

Our Food License Consultants in Hyderabad approach is based on our aspiration to become an excellent provider of legal services.

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Food License Registration

To Get your fssai license hyderabad with the aid of our staff. The FSS Act of 2006 delegates the following responsibilities to FSSAI:

  • →  Establishing rules for controlling and enforcing the numerous standards that have been notified in connection with food products.
  • →  We are establishing procedures and standards for the accreditation of organizations that certify food enterprises' food safety management systems.
  • →  We are establishing a system to notify certified labs and establish procedures for laboratory accreditation.
  • →  To advise the Central Government and State Governments on topics of policy and rule making that have some influence on food safety and nutrition, both directly and indirectly.

The FSSAI License Renewal Process

  • →  If your food business meets the requirements, you may apply to have your fssai license hyderabad renewed by submitting Form B to the appropriate central Licensing authority or state fssai registration in Hyderabad authority.
  • →  Along with the required fssai registration in Hyderabad documents and license fee, applicants must submit a self-attested declaration stating that they will adhere to the Food Safety and Standards Act, Regulations/Bye-Laws, and the Hygiene and Sanitary Practices Guidelines outlined in Schedule - 4 of the Registration and Licensing Regulations.
  • →  The food service establishment's inspection is required to renew the fssai license hyderabad.
  • →  Within 60 days, the relevant licensing body must grant a renewed fssai registration in Hyderabad.
  • →  If a Food License Registration in Hyderabad renewal is not given within 60 days of the application's submission date, or if the applicant has yet to receive any notice in this respect, the applicant may begin operating his food company immediately.

Benefits From Renewing FSSAI

  • →  If you have renewed your FSSAI certification, consumers will expect you to adhere to strict food safety and quality rules.
  • →  You should renew your license on time since every restaurant owner who has one does what he or she is supposed to.
  • →  Products with the FSSAI mark are more likely to be purchased by consumers than those without, leading to sales that are more significant.
  • →  Possessing an fssai license might open up more doors to public funding and other forms of government assistance.
  • →  Better Name Recognition: The acquisition of an ghmc trade license in Hyderabad will undoubtedly boost the company's standing in the eyes of its customers.

Some Things To Keep In Mind While You Go Through The FSSAI Renewal Process:
  • →  A fine may be imposed for failure to renew an FSSAI licence.
  • →  Sixty days before the expiration date, the FBO's existing Food Licence will be placed in the Renewal Bin. FBOs should renew their licenses as soon as they are in the renewal stack.
  • →  The renewal application for a food business's licence must be submitted 30 days before the trade mark registration in hyderabad.
  • →  Contact a designated officer if you need to change your renewal application; they may provide you with a tracking ID receipt number.
  • →  To proceed with the renewal of your FSSAI Licence, you must acknowledge the warning notice.
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FSSAI Registration Consultants in hyderabad

Online food license and FSSAI registration services are offered end-to-end by Professional Utilities. With us,

  • FSSAI registration in the shortest amount of time
  • Lowest registration costs with FSSAI complete guidance for completing the FSSAI online application
  • Advice on choosing the appropriate food license type assistance during the registration process
  • An answer to all of your queries and worries
  • Why Work With Us?

    We have expert auditors following you around at all times. Because of our widespread presence, we can provide Food License Registration in Hyderabad services locally without sacrificing our standards of excellence. Not only do we know how to maximize the potential of cutting-edge ideas, but we also know how to implement them in a manner that will have an instant and lasting effect.

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    Documents required for FSSAI Registration in Hyderabad

    1. Identification proof
    2. Residency proof
    3. Form IX
    4. Detail of kind of businesses
    5. NOC from local authorities or panchayat, municipality
    6. Source of raw material used in the manufacturing of Food items

    1. Form B
    2. Detailed setup of premise in square meters and meters
    3. A recall plan for food products is a must
    4. Form IX
    5. A detailed list of directors with
    6. Self-declaration for Proprietorship (or) Partnership deed
    7. Copy of ( Coop Act-1861/ Multi-State Coop Act-2002 ) certificate
    8. NOC from CGWA is necessary in the case of groundwater
    9. Equipment and Machinery list and name Name in details
    10. Government-issued identification cards like the Aadhar card

    1. Declaration via form B
    2. NOC from the local government body
    3. Proof of ownership of premise
    4. Government-issued identity proof document
    5. Import-export code issued by DGFT
    6. For 100% EOU Ministry of commerce certificate is required
    7. NOC from the ministry of tourism in case of hotels
    8. Food safety management details
    9. COOP-act 1861 and multi-state act 2002 certification
    10. Source of the raw material
    11. The testing report of water if being used


    Companies have legitimate concerns about overspending lawyers to the value of the dispute or the work involved. We provide cost-effective, high-quality fssai consultants in hyderabad representation by focusing on the bottom line in every case. We assign the appropriate degree of expertise to optimize efficiency without compromising the quality of each activity. We can work with your budget, and most of our Food License Consultants in Hyderabad offer a fixed rate so you can predict your expenses in advance.

    Our Food License Consultants in Hyderabad approach is based on our aspiration to become an excellent provider of legal services. To that end, we plan to maintain our focus on knowledge and information management and our dedication to consistently providing excellent fssai consultants in hyderabad service to our clients.


    Form A (application for Registration) and Form B (application for State and Central Licence) are available on the FoSCoS site. FBOs may fill them out and submit them to acquire FSSAI registration.

    Petty food producers or the FBO with revenue of less than Rs. 12 Lakhs are required to register with FSSAI unless the FBO is exempt from Registration due to being subject to obligatory licensing. The State Licensing Authority will issue a 14-digit FSSAI registration number, the first digit of which always begins with 2.

    Why You Need an FSSAI Licence to Sell Your Homemade Goods in India, the FSSAI requires all businesses selling handmade food items to register or get an essential registration. If your yearly sales exceed Rs. 12 lakhs, you must get an FSSAI licence.

    As a result, as of July 18th, 2022, GST at the stipulated rate will be applied to all FSSAI services. There is now a service tax of 18% on things like getting a Central licence, paying a Food Safety Mitra, getting product approval, clearing goods at customs, etc.

    In India, there are two distinct types of food permits. There are two types of FSSAI certifications: the Registration and the licence. Additionally, small FBOs with revenue of up to Rs. 12 Lakhs are required to get the FSSAI Basic Registration.
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