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LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership registration allows partners total flexibility to create a partnership company structure in which each member's or partner's liability is limited to the amount of capital they contribute to the enterprise.

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LLP Registration

LLP Registration is a widely recognized and often used company form. Both LLP registration in hyderabad and Private Limited companies are registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Central Government. Register your limited liability partnership and complete the LLP registration procedure with Sri Balaji Tax Services.

One of entrepreneurs most popular business forms is the limited liability partnership or LLP. LLP company registration in hyderabad is the most straightforward kind of company organization due to the advantage of restricted liability.

LLP Registration
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Benefits of Registering a Limited Liability Partnership


Minimal Responsibility
Their contribution to the business determines the extent of each partner's responsibility in an LLP registration in hyderabad . This is the most crucial aspect of an LLP since it protects all members' assets and eliminates the need to cover any losses or debt incurred by the company. Furthermore, innocent LLP or Limited Liability Partnership partners are not required to pay for the wrongdoings of another partner in the company.


Neither A Manager Nor An Owner
Partners in a LLP company registration in hyderabad run and control the company. Although its directors and stockholders may not be the same, an LLP registration in hyderabad differs from a private limited company. Because of this, Version Control system do not finance or invest in the Limited Liability Partnership company.


Distinct Legal Entity
The LLP agreement is regarded as a distinct legal entity. This indicates that the company is liable for debts and possesses assets in its name. Additionally, the other partner is not accountable or liable for another partner's carelessness or improper behavior.


Flexible Understanding
Regarding the norms and regulations or rights and obligations, the partners of the LLP agreement business are free to write and draft the agreement as required.


Less Need For Compliance
Compared to a private limited company, a LLP registration in hyderabad is a simpler and more affordable business form since it only requires three annual compliances. However, a private limited corporation must maintain several compliances and do frequent audits to comply with the regulation.


Simple To Wind Up
In contrast to a private limited corporation, a LLP company registration in hyderabad is not only simpler to establish but also simpler to dissolve. The winding-up procedure typically takes two to three months to complete, but closing a private limited company may take more than a year.

Documents Needed to Register an LLP


PAN Card - PAN card or passport
(foreign nationals or NRIs)


Identity Proof - voter’s ID/ passport /
Aadhar card / driving license


photograph - Passport-size photographs


Business Address Proofs - Latest bank statement/ telephone bill/ mobile bill/
electricity bill/ gas bill


NOC - No-objection certificate from the property owner


Sale Deed - Sale deed/property deed in English
(in case of owned property).

Process for Registering a Limited Liability Partnership Company

➥  Information & Documents Required For LLP Registration: The first step in the LLP agreement procedure is to organize all necessary paperwork for the partners, designated partners, registered company address, and the LLP registration in hyderabad deed. We cannot start the LLP registration in hyderabad for you until we receive all of these papers. Make sure the papers are accurate and up to date. Provide the necessary information by completing the online form.

➥  Choosing A Name For The LLP: An LLP's name cannot be the same as the name of an already-existing business, another LLP incorporation, a trademark application, or a registered trademark. On the websites of MCA and IP, respectively, you may check if the suggested name is accessible in the databases of LLP registration in hyderabad and corporations and the databases of registered and pending trademarks. To choose a name appropriate for your LLP incorporation, abide by the rules.

➥  Getting The Applicant's Digital Signature Certificates: The whole LLP registration procedure is done online. The LLP registration application form must be completed electronically, the necessary supporting papers must be submitted, and it must be signed using the applicant's designated partner's digital signature certificate. You may also sign up for our services to get DSC.

➥  Approval Of A Name For LLP Registration: You must reserve the name of your LLP incorporation using the RUN application, which is accessible on the MCA website after you decide on a legal name. If the first two names you offer are rejected, you have two opportunities to resubmit your application.

➥  Complete And Send The FiLLiP Form: The FiLLiP form must be completed and submitted to the Registrar of Companies to incorporate an LLP registration. Any authorized LLP company registration must sign the form using a DSC and submit it with all needed supporting documentation. The LLP's allowed capital determines the application cost.

➥  Release Of The LLP's Certificate Of Incorporation: The ROC carefully examines and validates the FiLLiP form after receiving it. He will only register the LLP and issue a Certificate of Registration to the LLP company registration after he is satisfied with the information provided in the application and the attached papers. The ROC also assigns an Identification number to the registered LLP and the Certificate.

➥  LLP Agreement Drafting And ROC Filing: The partners must join into a legal LLP deed once the LLP company registration has been registered and draught on stamp paper. The deed outlines the spouses' respective rights and obligations. All partners must sign it in the notary's presence, who will stamp the document. Within 30 days after the Certificate of Registration was granted, the deed is submitted with ROC in Form-3.

➥  PAN Number And TAN Number For LLP: As required by the Income Tax Act, the Permanent Account Number and Tax Deduction Account Number or Tax Collection Account Number of the LLPS may be applied in forms 49 A and 49 B. The Income Tax Department issues both PANs and TANs. PAN is required to pay income tax, while TAN is needed to be eligible to withhold and collect tax at source.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP company registrations) are desirable for organizations wishing to combine the benefits of partnerships and corporations because they provide a distinctive combination of liability protection, flexibility, and tax benefits. However, LLPs have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, just like any other kind of corporate structure.

Before deciding on this kind of company structure, entrepreneurs and other professionals must carefully analyze their unique business objectives and legal needs. It might be easier to make sure that an LLP incorporation is the best choice for your endeavor and that it functions within the parameters of the relevant regulatory framework by consulting with legal and financial experts. An LLP may be a strong base for a profitable and long-lasting firm with the correct strategy and preparation.

Other Services

You may sign electronic documents using the DSC, a Digital Signature Certificate issued by the certifying authority (TCS and n-Code). A DSC is required, as well as other paperwork, to establish an LLP incorporation.

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs issues applicants on whose name the application is generated a Director Identification Number. This unique number enables the person to serve as a Director in the Company.

In an LLP incorporation, the term "Contribution" refers to the partners' contributions to the company in cash, promissory notes, physical or intangible property, agreements, movable or immovable assets, or both.

An LLP incorporation is an improvement over a partnership company with the attributes of the corporate form of business. LLPs are best suited for professionals like CAs, CSs, Advocates, Engineers, Doctors, and small enterprises with low turnover. Please note that there are no legal limitations on the applicability of the LLP for any kind of company.

A limited liability company's name has to be distinctive and relevant to its service. The chosen name must be unique and distinct from other names already used.
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